Package org.milyn.javabean.decoders

Pre-installed data type decoders.


Class Summary
BigDecimalDecoder BigDecimal Decoder.
BigIntegerDecoder BigInteger Decoder.
BooleanDecoder Boolean decoder.
ByteDecoder Byte Decoder
CalendarDecoder Calendar data decoder.
CharacterDecoder Character data decoder.
CharsetDecoder String data decoder.
CSVDecoder Comma Separated Value (CSV) decoder.
DateDecoder Date data decoder.
DoubleDecoder Double decoder.
FloatDecoder Float decoder.
FreeMarkerTemplateDecoder FreeMarkerTemplate data decoder impl.
IntegerDecoder Integer Decoder.
LocaleAwareDateDecoder LocaleAwareDateDecoder is a decoder 'helper' that can be subclassed by Date decoders to enable them to use locale specific date formats.
LongDecoder Long decoder.
MappingDecoder Mapping decoder.
MVELExpressionEvaluatorDecoder MVELExpressionEvaluator data decoder impl.
ShortDecoder Short Decoder
SqlDateDecoder Date data decoder.
SqlTimeDecoder Time data decoder.
StringDecoder String data decoder.
URIDecoder URI Decoder.
URLDecoder URL Decoder.

Package org.milyn.javabean.decoders Description

Pre-installed data type decoders.

Package Specification

All the decoders defined in this package should implement the DataDecoder interface, as well as follow the naming convention "typeDecoder", where "type" is the type property value used on the bean binding configuration. This allows the decoder for "type" to be loaded automatically. See the sample in BeanPopulator.

Read the DataDecoder docs for more information.

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